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Need a deposit for a new car?  Get up to N$ 30 000 repayable over five months

Payday Loans

We offer payday loans of up to N$8,000 repayable on your next payday


21 years and above. Holder of a national Id/Card, Passport. Proof of Bank Acc number. Be officially employed

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How will I get the money?

Once the loan application is approved, we will transfer the money to your bank account.

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What is the application process?

To process your application the same day, please bring the following documents with you or upload if applying through this website: 1. National ID card or passport, 2. Copy of the latest payslip, 3. Three month bank statement stamped by the bank. The last received salary must be visible.

The assessment process is fast and very straight forward. In most cases, we will have your answer the same day

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Need a deposit for a new car? Financing for renovation or a tuition fee for a subject or two with your university degree?
We offer term loans of up to N$ 30 000 repayable over five months

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